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How can Filing for Bankruptcy Work With Texas?

How can Filing for Bankruptcy Work With Texas?

You deserve a fresh financial start if you’re struggling with overwhelming debts. Bankruptcy might provide the solution that is best to your present situation. Before looking for bankruptcy relief, it is crucial that you review a few of the tips.

Before You File

It’s important to carefully review your current financial situation if you’re contemplating a bankruptcy to reduce or eliminate your debts. Can you really get the financial obligation in order? Are your financial situation in the collection phase? Have you been lawsuits that are facing judgments?

If there’s no result in sight, bankruptcy could be the smartest choice. You ought to check with a skilled bankruptcy attorney that may treat you with dignity and respect and explain the bankruptcy process in straightforward terms. The Westbrook Law Practice, PLLC will help. We offer free consultations at several convenient areas in Houston therefore the surrounding areas.

The Means Test

Congress amended the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and added the “means test”, which evaluates your earnings and costs when it comes to period that is 6-month to filing. The test helps determines in the event that you have to pay something to your unsecured creditors through Chapter 13 if you qualify for Chapter 7 relief or.

The means test is very complex and certainly will result in severe dilemmas in your bankruptcy if it is perhaps not finished precisely. You could even face criminal penalties if you make an error on the means test, your petition could be denied, dismissed or. To guarantee the means test is submitted properly, together with the other bankruptcy papers, it is crucial to engage an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. The Westbrook law practice relates to the means test on a daily foundation. Let our appropriate team assist you to through this process that is complex.

Property Foreclosure Situations

In the event that you’ve gotten a notice of property foreclosure, please phone our company simultaneously. Read more



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