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Boost in payday lending before Christmas Save articles for later

Boost in payday lending before Christmas Save articles for later

By Michelle Hutchison

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A brand new trend is appearing where increasingly more Australians are looking at quick money answers to make do. And it is this time around of the year whenever the majority are taking right out little loans in the lead-up towards the biggest investing period.

But can we be the culprit once we’re bombarded with gorgeous individuals telling us things to buy? The Kardashians roll down their annual Christmas time present guide and Kim’s list is, needless to say, probably the most extravagant, featuring things from $68 as much as $4140. With 37.9 million Twitter supporters and 54.6 million on Instagram viewing her every product and selfie association, consumerism influencers may have one thing related to exorbitant investing at the holidays are.

Kim Kardashian is a job model for most. Credit: JB Lacroix

With stress from all relative edges, Christmas time will without doubt be booming for stores and credit providers alike. A creditcardfinder.com.au Christmas time shopping survey unearthed that Australians are required to blow $8.9 billion on presents alone in 2010. Read more



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